Fund. That. Trust.

So you created your trust… Great job! How’s that funding going? Remember, a trust only avoids probate if it is properly funded.  Any assets that are not owned by your trust, or any assets that do not name the trust as your beneficiary, could very well create problems if something happens to you. Why talk […]

Two Legislative Actions Pass in December 2014

Congress managed to pass two bills with great significance for special needs families before concluding their session earlier this month: The first, the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, helps people with disabilities save for health-care costs, housing, lifelong education, and other needs. Under prior law, a child diagnosed with a disability could not […]

Efforts Raise $100K for Local Hospital

The Women’s Health & Empowerment Circle (WHEC) at Virginia Hospital Center is a collection of dedicated women who value community, and want to ensure access to the best medical care is available to everyone through support for Virginia Hospital Center and its programs.  Our partner attorney Jessica M. Pannell, member of the WHEC Advisory Board, […]

Article Review: My right to death with dignity at 29

“This article describes one young woman’s decision to take control of her end-of-life decisions in light of a heart-wrenching terminal diagnosis. While the Commonwealth of Virginia, the District and Maryland do not have “Death with Dignity” statutes, they do permit each of us to maintain control over our medical care by naming a healthcare agent […]

Trust-Based Asset Protection Strategies

You don’t have to make your family’s assets easy for creditors to reach. Protecting your hard-earned assets for the benefit of yourself and your family can be accomplished through careful planning. These seven trust-based asset protection strategies can put significant (and often insurmountable) obstacles in the way of a creditor. In this post you will […]

Monday Read In: College Student and Finances

Are Your Assets Ready for College? (via One approach, conceivably, might be to stuff as much money as possible into retirement accounts in the years before your child goes to college, so that you will get the benefits both of the tax-deferred retirement savings and the reduced EFC. But Mr. Onink cautions against overdoing […]

Join us for the Teddy Bear 5K & 1K Fun Walk and Run

Don’t miss the Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center’s Second Annual Teddy Bear 5K & 1K Fun Walk/Run on September 28, 2014. Strollers welcome! Registration is still open! Come Early to the Fun Fair at 2 pm – Games, Face Painting & a Silent Auction. This family-friendly event benefits the Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center, a high-quality early childhood education program designed to give all young […]

Office Closure and Renovation Announcement

Good news! Our office renovation is coming to a close, and we are so excited to move back into our new spaces and put all the amazing upgrades to work for you. To that end, we want to notify you of an office closure and phone delays which coincide with our final transition back into the office. […]