Preventing Family Feuds: Successor Trustee Workshop

Bring your successor trustees to this session where we outline duties and responsibilities. We lead and facilitate the conversation to identify potential problems and prevent conflicts.

This workshop is for C.A.R.E. participants only

Special Needs Planning

Understand planning options and the latest planning strategies so that you can better support your beneficiaries with special needs – without disqualifying them from receiving other benefits.

This workshop is for C.A.R.E. participants only.

Health & Aging: Control Your Destiny

One of our most popular workshops! Our experienced panel provides insights and solutions for controlling how decisions will be made so that you can plan to age with dignity.

This workshop is for C.A.R.E. participants only.

What Documents To Use In An Emergency

In this session, we guide you through how and when to use your valuable estate planning documents so that you know exactly what to do in case of emergency or incapacity.

This workshop is for C.A.R.E. participants only.

How To Pay For Long-Term Care

Find out more about the different types of insurance and how you can ensure that you can pay for the ever-increasing cost of quality, long-term healthcare without bankrupting your estate.

Easily Access Our Secure, Online Vault

Gain peace of mind as we step you through how to upload your critical documents to the secure C.A.R.E. online storage vault and set viewing permissions for your family members or trusted advisors.

Guardians for Your Children

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your children or your grandchildren if something were to happen to you unexpectedly?  Who would care for them?  If you must leave the babysitter with specific instructions so that you may be away for an evening out of the house, shouldn’t you leave instructions in case […]

Diability Planning – Yours and Mine

We know how important family is to our clients.  Two issues that are always of concern are disability and guardianship. What if you or your loved ones become disabled?  We are all at risk for disability, either short-term or permanent.  Who will speak for us during medical emergencies if we cannot speak for ourselves?  Families […]